Zombies Trashed My Dress!

Well since we’ve yet to have any takers yet on a “real” Trash the Dress film, we decided to shoot our own. Thanks to everyone who lent their talents to this fun little project.

Kate Varga – “The Producer”
Chris Sandas – Director/ Cinematography ( Canon cameras)
Ken Conly – RED Camera
Paul Hazlett- RED Consultant/ Sony Camera
Denise Varga – BTS Camera
Josh Coyne – Special Effects
Onnie Mancino – Makeup

Bride -Alex Varga
Groom – Chris Kichura


- Eric Jacob

- Amanda Kohlhepp

- Carolyn Kohlhepp

- Bill Kohlhepp

- Onnie Mancino

- Denise Varga

- Matt Varga

- Genevieve Waseem

- Rasheed Waseem


Cameras – RED Scarlett, Sony FS700, Canon 5Dm2, T3i


“All Our Love” by Gentlemen Hall
Licenced through Musicbed

Behind the scenes